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Hi, I'm Dr. Siggie Cohen. I'm a PhD and Child Development Specialist. Throughout my three decades of working with children and families of all kids, as well as being a mother myself, I have developed The Emotional/Behavioral Proficiency Parenting Method, or EBPM for short. My method is based on practical, easy-to-follow tools and solutions to make parenting simpler, more rewarding and, most importantly, to increase the connection between you and your child. 

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Reviews from REAL PARENTS

My family sought help with Dr. Siggie Cohen during a challenging time. 
She was so comforting to all of us as a family. In a very fluid way, she empowered our family with tools and a safe haven to communicate.
My oldest daughter still refers back to her often when we are working through challenges at home. She has been instrumental in our success as a family and a continual resources for all four of us.
Jennifer Chavez
I’m a pediatrician practicing in Los Angeles. I frequently encounter pediatric patients with anxiety, depression, difficulty with socialization and ADHD. As well as parents that need help handling difficult psychological problems with their kids.
Every patient who I refer to Dr. Siggie comes back saying they were enlightened, felt calmer, happier and so welcomed and heard. Dr. Siggie has a way about her. 
In addition, her personal advice to me as a mom has been invaluable.” 
Dr. Dafna Ahdoot
Over the past 7 years Dr. Siggie has been a resource for our family. We have gained from her grounded guidance and techniques enabling us to spend more pleasurable time with our children and their individual personalities. Her endless devotion to children is what makes her solutions great tools for parents.” 
Shari McCandlish
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Siggie Cohen. She really helped my daughters and I after a very traumatic divorce. She really gets children, their behaviors and how their brains function. Dr. Siggie has given me very valuable tools to help my children. I can’t thank her enough! 
Tara Marie Teshinsky
Never had it explained so clearly. It makes so much sense.
Dr. Siggie is really extraordinary! As a blended family, we were struggling to communicate and feel safe with one another. Dr. Siggie's unique style of support and guidance empowered us with the tools we needed. For couples wanting to do the best for their families - IT WORKS! Thank you Dr. Siggie
Dekel K.

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