COVID-19 Parenting Survival Guide by Dr.Siggie C

COVID-19 Parenting Survival Guide

At home with your children? 
Get the support and relief you need, now. 

In this guide, Expert Child Development Specialist Dr. Siggie will show you

  • The right way to talk to your children about COVID-19 and quarantine. 
  • 6 effective steps for handling sibling rivalry.
  • How to identify hidden signs of anxiety in your child and the key steps to managing it. 
  • How to respond to your child's constant, "I'm bored." with a liberating new perspective on boredom. 
  • 5 easy-to-follow scripts for  how to communicate with your children, showing you exactly what to say and how to say it. 

What's included?

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Introduction To The Guide
2 mins
Parents, This Is For You
Note to Parents
7 mins
Note to Parents PDF
610 KB
Talking To Your Preschooler About COVID-19 - The Right Way
Talking to your Preschooler
6 mins
Talking to your Preschooler PDF
579 KB
Sibling Rivalry & 6 Steps To Managing It
Sibling Rivalry
6 mins
Sibling Rivalry PDF
364 KB
Tackling Boredom - A Liberating New Perspective
Tackling Boredom
3 mins
Tackling Boredom PDF
339 KB
Responding To An Anxious Child
Responding to an Anxious Child
5 mins
Responding to an Anxious Child PDF
349 KB